Sula, Wines, Vineyards, Nashik

Kerry Damskey Master Wine Maker

 Currently the Master Winemaker for Sula Vineyards, Kerry Damskey played an integral role in the founding of the company and supported Rajeev Samant's decision to first grow wine grapes in Nashik soil. Kerry has worked for wineries all over California and across the world to hone his wine knowledge, finally establishing himself as one of California's best winemakers. He consults with the Sula team several times during the year to jointly review winemaking practices and the latest wines from our vineyards. After his first visit to India, he was convinced that Nashik was a singularly unique location that would yield distinctive fruit, and create great wines. Kerry's familiarity with the Indian terrain coupled with his focus on constantly improving the quality of our wines have led to Sula being consistently known the world over for great wines.


Ajoy Shaw Chief Wine Maker

Sula, Vineyards, Nashik, Wines, India

 As Chief Winemaker for Sula Vineyards, Ajoy supervises the winemaking process and plays a critical role in supporting the viticulture team to ensure the highest quality of grapes are made available for crushing. A chance project working with wines during his Masters degree in Molecular Biology led Ajoy to apply for a role as Trainee Winemaker - and the rest is history! With a Level 4 Diploma from WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust), London and currently one of only three Indians in the country studying to become India's first Master of Wines, Ajoy has been a part of the Sula story for the last fifteen years, right from its early days when the first wines were being bottled. Ajoy has been part of the Indian winemaking revolution, experimenting with several varieties and styles in order to find one that best captures the essence of our grapes and our lands.


Cecilia Oldne Global Brand Ambassador & VP - Marketing

 A trained Sommelier with a background in International Business and Marketing, wine writer and judge, Cecilia Oldne joined Sula in 2007 and jumped in head-first into all aspects of the wine business with Sula. A chance meeting with Rajeev Samant in 2004 in South Africa led her to taste India’s first Sauvignon Blanc and discover the country’s potential as wine producing region and upcoming industry. With her expertise in wine and her passion for introducing more and more Indians to the drink, Cecilia was the perfect choice for Sula’s  Global Brand Ambassador, representing Sula in India and across the globe. She has played a key role in developing the company’s international business including Exports and Imports, and successfully introduced Indian wines in new markets such as Canada, Belgium and the Middle East. As Vice President – Marketing, Cecilia oversees the company’s communication and marketing efforts as well as our in-house Tastings team. Cecilia is proud to promote a company which is not only pioneering the growth of the Indian wine industry but doing so in a way that combines sustainability and benefits the local economy.


We take our job of bringing you India’s finest wines extremely seriously. The whole process starts in our vineyards, long before the wine reaches your glass. Our winemaking and viticulture teams work seamlessly to ensure that all aspects of grape growing and harvesting are monitored under the best conditions, allowing the land to produce its best for generations to come. Above all they bring the love of the land with them - local knowledge honed over the years and a strong commitment to conserving our natural resources. Together, we ensure that only the best grapes go into every bottle of Sula.  

We're proud to be India's largest partners of wine grape farmers in India, with our commitment to fair livelihoods and sharing advancements in agricultural technology directly with our farmers to increase their production. Our farmers are a key part of the Sula family, and we take pride in supporting a number of small family-run farms in the region thereby contributing to sustained economic development and progress.