Sula Vineyards


Sula Vineyards

Our wines are made from grapes grown at our Nashik and Dindori estates, as well as from those sourced from local farmers operating under the guidance of Sula’s team of experts. Please browse our offerings in the categories below. (more...)

Sula Selections

Sula Selections offers you good, solid wines and spirits from the world's top producers.

Our wines come to you from New World wine regions like Australia, South Africa, Argentina and New Zealand as well as Old World wine regions like France and Italy. We bring you wines from some of the world's best known producers.

Sula Selections is also the exclusive importer of the brands of Remy Cointreau and Japan's No. 1 beer - Asahi.

ASSURED QUALITY GREAT VALUE, that's the Sula Selections guarantee! (more...)

A Wine Tasting In Your Own Home!

Wine appreciation/evaluation is done by understanding a wine through its colour, aroma, flavour, texture and body.

Wine tasting sessions help you broaden your horizons on wine and also help you know how to pair food and wine, how to serve wines or how to know which wine is perfect for gifting.

Enjoy a tasting session at your own home with an intimate gathering of 15-20 guests and Sula's wine sommelier will engage you and your guests for a fun hour with Sula's premium wines.

To make your soiree a success, please write to our sommelier at

For complete contact details , click here. (more...)


Enjoying wine is, ultimately, all in your head. Learn about how we make wine and find out how to serve it right. Get the inside scoop on how to taste it correctly, or tuck away tips on how best to store leftover wine. Satisfy your inner wine geek with our glossary. A little knowledge might be dangerous, but a lot of knowledge can be oh, so tasty. (more...)